Rubrik 4.0 has release

Hyper-V Support

The following options are available for Hyper-V 2016 with Native API (WMI) Support

Auto Protect
Failover Cluster Support
Agentless backups
Incremental Forever
Live Mount
Instant Recovery

The following options are available for Hyper-V version below 2016 with Connectors based support

Incremental Forever

Nutanix AHV Support

Automated protection and restore workflow
Securely replicate or archive to other sites
Rubrik Core Capabilities – global search, erasure coding, reporting
Scale as you need
Pick your hypervisor: Acropolis, ESXi or Hyper-V

Oracle Support

Rusbrik Cluster is now a NAS target for Oracle RMAN with an agentless approach.
RMAN manages Backup and Restore for DB and Redo logs. Support for Incremental Merge –advanced RMAN feature.
Multi-channel support, ingest to flash for fast backup/ingest.
Recovery and DR through RMAN

Cloud Instantiation

Enables customers to power-on snapshot of a VM on the cloud
Instance type recommendation based on VM config file
2-click deployment and end-to-end orchestration
UI Integration to launch, power off or de-provision an instance

SQL Server Live Mount

Power on read/write clones instantaneously
Provision a clone to any desired Point in Time
Mount same database across multiple hosts
RestAPI’sallow to automate workflows
Self Service using RBAC

Archive to Tape

Uses QStar to expose tape library as NFS/SMB share
Each Tape vendor has their proprietary interface
QStar presents a common interface irrespective of tape vendor
Supports Industry Standard LTFS format
Other Feature add

NFS Archive Encryption
Custom TLS Certificate – Web UI


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